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 Booker T. Washington Alumni Prepare for
Community Trade Day

Above are Charles Ann Martin, Margie Mickey Coleman, Annett Yvonne Hudson, Linda Martin Skinner, Mary Mickey Whitaker and Alumni President George Martin.

In 1986 a group of Booker T. Washington Alumni came together with the goal in mind to purchase the land where their school once stood, to build a community center on the land and to host an all school reunion bi-annually. The Booker T Washington Alumni And Ex-Student Associationwas formed with Dahl Barnes Storm elected President and Rachael Coutee as Secretary.
In 1987 they held their firstreunion and has continued since.  By 1993 they were Incorporated
and by 1995 had received their 501 (C) 3 Non-profit status.  Read entire story here in the November 2018 Issue of the Texas Informer.



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